12 Proven Viral Marketing Techniques

by Adrian Blackwell

Viral Marketing Techniques that are proven to make your content reach across the globe to be used in every niche, not just for viral marketing companies.

Are You Longing for Substance?

Do you want your content to fly around the world and be seen by millions? Expand your odds of becoming famous online with these twelve (12) viral marketing techniques!

There is no enchanting recipe for a viral crusade achievement. Yet, probably the best known viral battles demonstrate that intensely shared substance can realize an expansion in worldwide mindfulness of your content.

Techniques via Video

Here is how to take your viral marketing techniques to the next level.

Research shows that 75% of all Internet traffic in 2017 will be by video broadcasts. This is big! Moreover, it means that you need to start making those videos for all of your content. Because video is such a big part of the effort, we will start with video viral marketing.

Keys to Success for Companies via Video Broadcast

The point of video is to show what is happening. That means bring the video to life with these viral marketing techniques:

1. Shoot the video live

2. Add photos

3. Include a testimonial

4. Add parts of the transcript at the bottom of the video

5. Stick to the point because less is more. Interest for your video may end quickly and if, the video is more than one minute (60 seconds) it may not be viewed entirely. The first ten (10) seconds must be very engaging. Then after the intro, keep it brief, to the point, and interesting.

6. Add music to your video. A great addition to the personality of any video is music. In addition, to engage the audience you will want to use personality. The music can be soft background music or the focus of the video. At any rate music will make the video pleasant, more engaging, and professional.

Branding and Viral Marketing Companies

7. Branding your video is necessary. Add your business logo. You want to show the viewer something within the first ten (10) seconds that he or she will remember every time they see it. Something that will immediately help all viewers think of you.

8. Be sure to brand your video within the first ten (10) seconds. Additionally, be sure to brand your video at the end.

9. Your branding can incorporate a sound, a logo, and your face, anything that will help the viewer remember your message and or you. Branding will make a lasting impression.

Marketing Companies Make It Personal

10. Viral marketing techniques are personal.

11. Make sure you use your marketing efforts be they video or otherwise as a way for the audience to get to know you.

12. You will need to be interesting, engaging, and creative to make a positive brand impression.

Show your personality!

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