Understanding The New Features of The Facebook Business Page

by Sohaib Abbas Zaidi

With more than 2 billion users, Facebook has emerged as the largest social media platform which is being used globally for social networking. This platform is considered as the best tool to promote business. For the online promotion of business, this platform also provides the provision of creating the official business page. In a recent update, Facebook has added certain features to the business page so as to improve its functionality. Many business houses are using their official Facebook Pages to promote their services and products among the targeted audiences.

As Facebook ads have become the most potent weapon to sell products or services, the business houses are relying heavily on this platform for online promotion. The main reason for this is that the ads offered by this platform cost relatively low as compared to other social media platforms. Moreover, the option is also provided to target the geography, preferred audience, etc., while running an ad campaign.< /p>

In a recent update, Facebook has tried to give a new look to the business page. Coming on to its technicalities, the company has tried to give a look of a PHP based website to the business page. The new FB Page has sidebars on the right as well as on the left where information about the page is manifested. The left sidebar shows information like home, about, services, reviews, photos, etc, while on the right side you can easily see the category of the page, location map, visitor posts, events, etc. The middle portion of the page contains the posts.

The new look of the FB Page reminds of a PHP based website. To increase the functionality of the page, the company has added new features to it. One of the most amazing features which it has given is the option to add the store. In the official business page, FB has given the option of the online store where the users get the flexibility to add their products like apparel or any other item along with the price tag. Wit h this option, Facebook has tried to give the flexibility to its users to sell directly to the consumers without using any website. This option is best for those people who want to sell online without any website. This is surely a very cost-effective way of running an online business.

Another very wonderful feature which is added recently is the services option where the service providers can directly add their services along with the price tag and description.

The main motive behind adding these features is to convert Facebook into a marketplace. This will certainly a good move because of the fact that it is offered at free of cost. This is best suited for small business houses which are unable to invest in the costly websites. They can use this platform to run the online business.

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