Affiliate Marketing

The way people go about their daily life it’s not changing, it has changed. You only have to walk down the High Street to see the evidence. Boarded up shops and struggling businesses. All this is due to consumer change of habits.

 Retail business owners used to be more concerned about competition as opposed to collaboration. Those with an interest in internet marketing consider collaboration to be more effective as opposed to viewing similar businesses as competition. When it comes to the internet, businesses find it far more effective to join a joint venture as opposed to  going it alone.

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Now, anybody new to internet marketing this seems quite a bizarre statement. The principle behind this concept is simple. Here is a working example.



 business owner Joe makes and sells sofas. With the changing marketplace environment he used to rely on footfall traffic passing down the High Street for the  bulk off his customers. Now that Joe has Become more Internet aware he tries to sell his sofas through e-commerce. no matter how hard he tries he will only ever have as big a market exposure as he can muster. 


However a marketer John  has a word with Joe and suggests  that he may try to sell some sofas on his behalf. Joe has a think about this  and considers it’s possibly worthwhile. After all his sofas retail 2000 bucks his profit margin is a  thousand so Joe thinks let John have 50% of my profit margin. After all Joe gets to sell the sofa he’s not normally likely to sell anyway and additionally he gets a new customer.  Joe being a good businessman realises that his customers will come back and buy more in the future.


On the other hand John makes 50 bucks and doesnt have to worry about the people side of things.



so this is the outline for affiliate marketing. This model is more often than not the starting point for anybody trying to start selling on the Internet. The reason is simply that


the concept has few moving parts and for the entrepreneur marketer there is very little of the problems associated with selling. In terms of  customer relations and with everything. Some people Excel. Those that do are called super affiliates. And they do exceedingly well financially. Fortunately though the concept is simple  there are a few components that need to be put in place to make the system work.

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