Innovate to Create

Creative thinkers are often also business  builders, but why should this be?

The reasoning is simple enough: innovation means to understand and express novel connections between ideas.

It’s that second part, about expression, that many people tend to overlook when they think about what it means to be creative.

You might think that having good ideas is what makes a person creative, but unless you can express your ideas in a way that others can see, feel, taste, hear, or more clearly imagine, you’re not really going to do much with those ideas–no matter how big or small.

Creativity without action isn’t innovation, it’s simply imagination. The most impactful creativity is the kind that moves ideas forward.

To turn your ideas into more than imaginative constructs, you have to transform them into something more tangible. What form your ideas take doesn’t matter nearly as much as the ability to present them to others. To quote author and designer Frank Chimero:

“If ideas go anywhere, it is because other people carry them.”

The above excerpt from Provides a perfect analagy between blue skye thinking and taking action. Having the idea for a business or money making venture can be considered the beginning or an end. Without the drive and desire to achieve there will be no fruit. planning is essential to overcome the obstacles. engaging with people who have specific skill sets may is almost always essential.

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